RollMaster CLXX™ Professional Grade Digital Coin Sorter

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The RollMaster CLXX™ Coin Sorter sorts pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar coins at a rate up to 500 coins per minute. It sorts coins directly into preformed paper wrappers (samples included) which can be placed into twenty coin tubes. With its durable design and chrome plated stainless steel parts, the RollMaster CLXX™ can sort thousands of coins in just minutes. The LCD digital display offers many functions. The sorter’s capacity is $170.00 but the grand total feature continues to count up to $999.99, so you can keep track of a small or large dollar value. You may also subtract dollar values in the total by single coins, by a roll of coins or by an entire denomination of coins. The RollMaster CLXX™ is equipped with a convenient overflow trap so that you do not have to stop when one coin tube is full or all four coin tubes of one denomination are full. It will continue to sort coins until you are finished. Any excess coins will simply spill into the overflow tray. The RollMaster CLXX™ is built for speed and accuracy. A unique feature of the Roll Master CLXX™ allows full access to the entire mechanism for easy maintenance without the use of any tools. There is an automatic shut off when you access the coins. The RollMaster CLXX™ is powered by an AC adaptor (included) and two “AA” batteries (included).

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